Wall Papering Rotorua

With a broad range of wallpaper finishes available ranging from every day, hard-wearing, economical papers to expensive hand-painted ones that need to be treated with care. We aim to offer the best advice and provide high-quality workmanship to help ensure your wallpapering project is less daunting whilst providing high results you are after.

To gain the best results when wallpapering Rotorua, the preparation is highly important. Our team not only provide fast and efficient services when correctly preparing the wall area prior to hanging the wallpaper, but also perform our work according to the specifications of the "Painting and Decorating Contractors of New Zealand Application Manual". If you require wallpapering services in Rotorua, we believe we are the team you can rely on Rotorua. Looking for patterned wallpaper, children’s wallpaper, plain wallpaper, paintable wallpapers and more talk to us today. We aim to provide the best advice, estimates or quotes within your budget..